Hello Resident!!

I hope you have settled down and enjoying one of the properties managed by Om Property Management. We take pride in taking good care of the Tenant residents in our properties by responding quickly to their service request and working out with rent payment problems.

Most of our Tenants stay in our properties at least more than 3 years or more and they also brag about our service because we do not neglect them and give them as much as personalized attention compared to other companies around.We hope you feel the same way and take good care of the property as we take good care of you.

Do not hesitate to contact us via TenantCloud Portal or using the contact form below. If you know anyone who is looking to rent a property in the Houston area, please have them check out our rental listings or  contact us!

Latest News

With the Current COVID19 Pandemic, We request all our current residents to take necessary precautions and follow the local guidelines to keep you and your family safe. We also sent out an email regarding the Rent Deferment Program and questions about Houston Rent Assistance program.

Tenant's Portal

All our Tenant’s are encouraged to have access to our TenantCloud Tenant Portal. Once you sign the lease contract, you are required accept our connection request for the portal sent to you via email. If you are not currently connected via TenantCloud portal, please contact us to request connection.

We strongly recommend you to use the TenentCloud portal for Rent payments, Maintenance request and Track the progress of your request and finally communicate between Property manager and Tenant.  You also have access to certain reports regarding your rent history.

Login to Portal – Pay Rent or Log Maintenance Request


We will contact you 60 days before your lease ends with a lease renewal opportunity. Should you not wish to renew, you need provide official vacate notice and start the planning for your move out. Please be aware of key boxing and move out condition requirements described in your lease. Check out our Move-Out Inspection Requirements  for more details to help you out.

If you wish to renew the lease, we will work with you and landlord to provide new lease offer with any rent increase.  Your rent increase will be  determined upon various factors including maintenance of  property which will be determined by our annual inspection, how many service calls and current market condition to list some. We require the tenant to do self guided inspection using our checklist and upload pictures/video through TenantCloud.

Once you receive the initial offer, you can provide your feedback and we will communicate with the landlord and try to determine the final offer and get the lease extended if we have agreement with the offer.

Residents FAQ

  • What are different Rent payment options available?

    We only accept electronic payments via TenantCloud Portal or direct cash deposits at our Bank in some cases to accommodate Tenants who do not have Internet access. We DO NOT ACCEPT PERSONAL CHECKS.

  • Can I do maintenance myself?

    Residents are not allowed to do the property maintenance themselves without landlord approval. Please request any maintenance request using the TenantCloud portal Maintenance request option so it can be tracked and updated accordingly.

  • How do I submit an emergency maintenance request?

    As per Residents, we understand that any  repair need can definitely feel like an emergency, but we do have specific situations defined as emergency to ensure that those items are taken care of immediately. 

    Please provide specific details on service request to determine the severity and repair needs. Examples of items we need are below.

        • Location
        • Full description of issue (Example – if there is a leak, provide is it constant, intermittent, heavy, light, etc.)
        • Advise if damage is occurring from issue
    • Pictures of event should always be uploaded with service request
      • If issue is not easily seen in pictures, please provide an video and be sure to note in your service request that you have or will be doing so.
  • How do I start my lease renewal process when it's time?

    Check out the Lease Renewal and Move-out Process section in this page for more information.

  • When should I give notice if I want to move out?

    We ask that you always review your lease to find which of the following applies:

    • 60 days before the end of the lease.
    • Notice requirement in lease agreement.

    You must make the property available for the annual assessment, move-out inspection, and showings.  During Move-out inspection you must turn over the keys. The home must be returned in the condition it was received. Check out Move-Out Inspection Requirements to help you prepare for your move-out. 

  • What if I do not want the house to be allowed for showing?

    Please review your lease contract and you probably accepted 30-60 keybox placement period. If you do not want to allow it, there will be penalty equivalent to the one month rent. We assure you that property would be safely showed by the Real Estate agents and not by anyone else.

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