Welcome New Resident!!

Congratulations on your application being approved  to lease one of our property managed by Om Property Management. You are currently working on the next steps to move our property.

We take pride in taking good care of the Tenant residents in our properties by responding quickly to their service request and working out with them on other needs. We understand that people have different levels of experience in renting a home – some may be moving from a apartment complex; or simplifying their life by selling a home and renting for a time; or starting their life in a new area or community –  the list of reasons can be endless. Our understanding is why we created this page so we can focus on helping your transition into your new home be a successful  one.

Most of our Tenants stay in our properties at least more than 3 years or more and they also brag about our service because we do not neglect them and give them as much as personalized attention compared to other companies around. We hope you feel the same way soon and take good care of the property as we take good care of you.

Below are few steps which will happen over the next few days or weeks depending on move-in timeline:

Before Move-in

  1. Sign Lease Agreement and other related documents
  2. Pay the required move-in funds: security deposit, pet deposit, and other fees within 48 hours of signing the lease, & first months rent at least 2 business days prior to move-in via TenantCloud
  3. Accept Connection request sent from TenantCloud Portal
  4. Obtain or provide proof of renter’s insurance as it is required by our lease agreements. Add “Om Property Management” as additional insured.
  5. Turn on Utilities prior to move in which is one of the requirements so we are ready during walk through. You can give try our partner solution by Citizen Home Solutions, Free utility Connection service to make things moving quickly.

While Move In

  1. After the above prerequisites are completed, we will meet with you personally or via phone where we go over the lease to insure we answer any of your questions if you are not represented by an agent.
  2. We will do walk through of the home the day of prior to moving in and make sure it’s delivered as expected by the lease and hand over the keys.
  3. If some repairs are not be completed prior to tenant move in and we will work with you to make the completed after move in.
  4. Inventory and Condition Form: You will have the right up to 5 days after move in to submit your own move in condition form. We have included a blank one with the lease packet as well as online on our website.

NOTE: If you do not submit your own inventory condition report, then we will rely on the prior assessment we have on the property, the listing pictures, or videos taken of the home to determine our move in assessment. We will compare these pictures against the move out report done by our managers to see what items were damaged and should be charged against the deposit.

After Move-In responsibilities

  1. Keep Renters Insurance Current
  2. Lawn care Maintenance every 2 weeks
  3. Annual Inspection/Assessment

Tenant's Portal

All our Tenant’s are encouraged to have access to our TenantCloud Tenant Portal. Once you sign the lease contract, you are required accept our connection request for the portal sent to you via email. If you are not currently connected via TenantCloud portal, please contact us to request connection.

We strongly recommend you to use the TenentCloud portal for Rent payments, Maintenance request and Track the progress of your request and finally communicate between Property manager and Tenant.  You also have access to certain reports regarding your rent history.

Login to Portal – Pay Rent or Log Maintenance Request

Residents FAQ

  • What are different Rent payment options available?

    We only accept electronic payments via TenantCloud Portal or direct cash deposits at our Bank in some cases to accommodate Tenants who do not have Internet access. We DO NOT ACCEPT PERSONAL CHECKS.

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