Welcome Current Property Owners!!

As you know, we provide quality one on one service to you and take care of your property as our investment property. We try to take care of the Tenant request within 48 hours to keep them happy so they continue to stay in the property for long which will eventually reduce the turn over rate and increase your bottom line ROI.

We are also Technology savvy company adapting the latest technology to support our business and our clients to make be transparent and provide as much detail possible quickly and promptly.

We offer various property services to our clients including property management. If you want to check it out, do visit our services page.

Owner’s Portal

Once you signed up with our property management service, your property will be added in our Tenantcloud portal. You will sent connection request to connect with our portal. Once connected,you can login to our TenantCloud owners’ portal to check your property rental transactions, create any reports for accounting and tax purpose and follow up on any maintenance request we are working on your property.

Property Records Repository

All the property related records are stored in secure google drive which every property owner will be access immediately. Its available 24/7  with latest contracts, repair/rehab pictures, tenant applications etc,. to review anytime.

If you do not have access, please request us access to your google drive folder for your properties and we would be happy to provide you access.

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