Are you interested in renting our renting properties under Om Property Management?

Take a moment to read this page which will briefly touch on Online Application, Leasing Criteria, PET Criteria, documents required to process your application.

Why Om Property Management Properties?

We want to let you know that we take pride in taking good care of the Tenant/Residents in our properties by responding quickly to their service request and working out with rent payment problems.

Most of our Tenants stay in our properties at least more than 3 years or more and they also brag about our service because we do not neglect them and give them as much as personalized attention compared to other companies around. We hope you will find a property matching your criteria and  submit your application.

Rental Application Process

Application Process Steps:

  1. Qualify yourself before showing/applying
    • Before requesting for showing or submitting your application online, check our Leasing criteria and make sure whether you have chance of acceptance.
  2. Request for Agent Accompanied showing or Self Showing to tour our properties at,
  3. Gather all required documents
    • After the property tour, make sure to check all the document requirements tab for all documents and collect all of them depending on your employment and rent history situation.
  4. Application Submission
  5. Application Status
    • Once application submission, Applicant will be notified within 1-2 days about their application status. They will also be informed whether additional deposit is required according depending on credit conditions.
  6. Move In Process
    • If approved, Agent will be in touch to talk about the next steps  by drafting lease contract and how to get the property locked by providing the proper deposit.

How we Qualify:

  1. Each resident over the age of 18 must submit a separate rental application.
  2. Credit: We believe in second chances and try to work with applicants with low credit scores. So we do not have a fixed score to rent, but we will use the detail credit report to determine the financial condition.
    1. If a person has a 650 or more, then there credit is considered solid for rentals up to $1800, $650 or more for higher rental homes.
    2. If 650 to 550, then there other criteria (rental history, income etc) should be very solid and might require additional deposit at times.
    3. If below 550, application will be automatically denied unless owner the property provides an exception.
  3. Rental History: We are looking for 2 years of rental history minimum, but we prefer 5 years. If there is a eviction in the last 2 years, then you could be denied.
  4. Criminal: Criminal convictions will depend on the nature:
    1. We do not rent to sexual offenders or murderers.
    2. We do not typically rent to violent offenders with a repetitive history of convictions related to assault or violent crimes
    3. We will look at other crimes on a case by case to see if there has been sufficient time to show the person has rental and employment verification that demonstrate that the tenant is not going to have any issues. Drug convictions can be denied.
  5. Income: We need 3 TIMES of rent as gross income which should be verifiable income that shows a history of payments. For w-2 income, we need 3 recent months of pay checks. We need 2 years tax returns for self employed individuals (independent contractors)
  6. For pets: We allow any registered service animal as per Texas Code and any other pets it will depend on the property and pet on case by case basis. Check each property listing for further information. .

All required documents MUST be submitted,

  • Online application for each person over the age of 18
  • Property move-in date should be completed and should be no more than 20 days
  • Copy of Photo ID (Each person over the age of 18 living in the property)
  • Proof of Income – Last 3 month Pay Stub and/or Employer Letter
  • Application Fee $40.00, paid online per person over age 18.
  • Landlord Letter or Rental History for 2 years

Please check our Working with Real Estate Agents page to understand how we work with agents closely on finding best tenants/residents for our properties.

If you have any more questions about our Application and Leasing process, please send us message using our contact page.

Applicants FAQ

  • How much Security deposit is required?

    Deposit requirement will depend on the applicants financing situation which will be determined using the credit report. If we applicants credit is not solid enough, we might require more than 1 month rent as deposit.

  • Do you accept Pets at your properties?

    It depends on the properties and it will be case by case basis. If approved by landlord, we will need to put Pet Agreement with pet deposit.

  • Do you require Renter's insurance for your properties?

    Yes, we require residents to get renter’s insurance to cover their property and personal liability. We also require residents to include “Om Property Management” as additional insured on the policy as well.

  • Does your properties come with paid utilities?

    Almost all our properties require all utilities (Water, Electric & Gas) to be paid by the residents. Landlords will not pay it. To make your move smooth, we do recommend to use Citizen Home Solutions service who will help you connect/transfer your utilities quickly.

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