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We help you lease your investment property and place right, qualified tenant without sacrificing your criteria and to reduce tenant turnover rate.

We strongly recommend new investors to try out managing their property to get feel for their process. At that time, we provide Tenant Placement Services¬† to help tenant assistance locating, qualifying, screening, and contracting the ideal tenant. So they don’t have go through that headache and worry whether they found the right tenant for the property.

What We offer?

  • Advertise the property through the MLS and other real estate websites and place yard signage
  • Tenant screening for strong applicants matching your criteria
  • Accept applications, and provide due diligence
    • Credit check and assessment
    • Income verification
    • Criminal background
    • Employment verification
    • Eviction and landlord database checks
    • Providing our opinion about applicant
    • Compliance with fair housing and equal opportunity laws

What are our Benefits?

  • Quick and Fast Response to the prospects inquires
  • Experience reviewing hundreds of applicants
  • Put together leasing contract with all required conditions to protect owners
  • Working relationship with local real estate agents specialize in rental
  • Finding Tenants who stay longer and take better care of the property


Service Fees
Lease Listing 1/2 month rent*
Lease Listing with Property Management 1/2 Month rent with one month Free Property mgmt. fee
Tenant Screening $40 paid by prospects
Commercial Lease Listing Flat fee - Depends on gross rent and lease period


  • *If Tenant comes through Tenant Agent, Property Owner would pay 1/2 Month fee for the agent.
  • If Tenant comes through Listing Brokerage, Property Owner would get $250 on the Tenant agent commission
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