We at Om Property Management assist the tenants in many ways to promote quick and easy move ins, and to lower operational costs for our owners. We are ready to offer a new service to new tenants, called the Move-in Program. The Move-in Program will help the tenants transfer all the utilities into their name before they move in.

This service is no cost to you or the tenant unless they decide to use the providers services. Om Property Management has been contacted by a number of move-in service and utility providers to get the tenant immediately going in their new lease. The providers are likely to change from time to time and they may compensate Om Property Management for referrals, but the owner will never be charged for their assistance.

If you haven’t done your move-in utilities, Citizen Home Solutions will take care of connecting all your utilities and amenities so you can focus on more important things in moving into your new home or office. They will keep your information private and never share your information to any other providers.

Click to proceed and try out their service.

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