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The key part about rental investment is managing healthy tenants relationship and communication same time enforcing the lease agreement conditions.  Many owner’s who tend to fall short of it by bringing emotions in to the rental business and end up in worse situation. They don’t know what to do and scared going to court.

We can help you get back on track by jumping in the ship and immediately working on how we process to get back on track through our Property Eviction and Possession services.

We have done it many times and we know that’s its not easy process to deal with and its time consuming plus emotional as well. We totally understand eviction process and can get it moving with our streamlined steps and plans to deliver the result to get back your property.

What We offer?

  1. Lease Enforcement –  We would be happy to take over the property under our property management agreement and start enforcing late fees, HOA violations, excessive maintenance requests, and other lease provisions commonly the source of tenant / owner conflict.
  2. Eviction – We follow the step by step approach for the Eviction process. We charge for every steps separately which allows you to pick the step you want us to help with or full eviction process.
  3. Property Possession  – After Writ of Possession, we can help to make sure Tenant is moved by following up with constables office to legally move the tenant out and get your property in possession.

   Eviction Steps:

  • Step 1 : Deliver and send The 3 day Notice to vacate via Certified mail or In Person delivery.
  • Step 2:  Go to Court: File paperwork and pay all Court Fees.
  • Step 3: Attend case at the Court Date
  • Step 4: File for Writ of Possession if the tenants do not leave in five days after the court judgement.
  • Step 5: If tenant filed for Appeal after judgement, follow through to help with County court process

What are our Benefits?

  • Our goal is to retain the Tenant and reduce turn over rate.
  • Try to reduce expense by following through timely and quickly
  • Have Experience dealing with tenants and resolving problems or conflicts with tenants


Notice to Vacate $50
Filing Eviction $150-200* plus Court fees
Court Appearance $275-325*/appearance
Filing Writ $150-200* plus Court fees
Handling Possession $200-300*
* - Depends on the County & Courts
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